The Christmas season is in full swing, and the sales are soon to follow. Keep an eye out for great deals on these Stellar VBS decorations and be sure to ask your congregation to do the same!
  • Christmas Lights: Any and all colors can bring your church to life! Think stars, a night’s sky, spaceship control boards…the ideas are endless.
  • Metallic Ribbon, Garland & Tinsel: These can be used to hang stars from the ceiling, add texture to your walls and control boards or create the tails of shooting stars and comets.
  • Boxes: You already know we use boxes to build everything! Ask your congregation to save these for you.
  • Wrapping Paper Tubes: Be sure to ask your congregation to save these too! They are great for buttons, small rocket ships, thrusters, and telescopes. (These ideas came from our Stellar VBS 2023 group!)
  • Fake Snow: Did you know frost forms on windows in space too? Well have fun with that idea as you create your spaceships and control center! This can also be used to create fluffy clouds.
  • Metallic Wrapping Paper: Giving gifts to your volunteers or kiddos after VBS is complete? Keep the theme alive with the gift wrapping too!
  • Popcorn & Christmas Goodie Tins: Once you’ve enjoyed the delicious contents inside, save the tins and lids! These are great for wheels on a rover, panels on the walls and control center and recessed “windows into space”. A great item to ask you congregation for!
  • Metal Cans: There’s going to be a lot of cooking the next couple of weeks and those cans will come in handy! Ask your congregation to save what they would normally toss out but be sure there aren’t any sharp edges where kiddos could touch.
  • Baking Sheets: If your congregation has old ones they are replacing, ask for them! These are great to decorate walls, use on your rover, spaceship or control panel or maybe even hang from the ceiling!
  • Bottle Caps: These are just the things you need for buttons on your control panels. As your congregation and church celebrate Christmas and New Years, be sure to have them donate their bottle caps.
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