If you’re new to Group VBS, this webinar is for you! Here’s a highlight of the questions you asked, and what we covered:

General Questions:

  • How do I manage being overwhelmed?
  • Where do I begin?
  • What are some of the best ways to communicate that changing to Group’s VBS is going to lead to a better VBS?
  • How does this differ from other publishers?
  • Do we have to mix age groups?
  • What is the best way to introduce the concept of multi-age groups to church?
  • How do I recruit volunteers? (Discussed at end of webinar.)
  • Best pick/security plan? (Discussed at end of webinar.)

Monumental VBS:

  • What ages are able to be participate?
  • How to run it?
  • What does the schedule look like?
  • How do preschoolers fit in?
  • How flexible is the schedule?
  • When are the supplies going to be shipped out?
  • How is the lesson set up?
  • Is the kit all inclusive?
  • How are Bible Adventures and KidVid different? It seems like those are both really story time.
  • Does Group have any options to train my team?
  • How do you keep in connection after VBS is done?

Jerusalem Marketplace VBS:

  • What’s the daily flow/schedule for Jerusalem Marketplace?
  • Can you do HLA with Easy VBS schedule?
  • If you’ve only used Easy VBS before, what do I need to know about HLA?
  • How do you decorate?
  • What do I need to buy outside of the Directors Kit and decorations?
  • Do I have to buy music cd’s and stuff separately?
  • Is Tribe time crucially important?
  • Is 30 min really enough time to do 2 shops and a snack?
  • Where is snack eaten, in the market?

HayDay VBS:

  • What’s the schedule like for a 2-day VBS program?
  • Ways to get the use the program to the fullest in a 1-day format.
  • How to decorate on a budget, using no real hay?