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On Day 2, kids experiment with the high-flying Hungry Hoopoe and discover that when life is scary…God is good!

Hungry Hoopoe Tips 
*If you’re able, have volunteers prep the Hungry Hoopoe’s beforehand. If not, you can work the following tips into the Imagination Station leader script.

•The Hungry Hoopoes are shipped in a clear package with a rubber band around the bird to keep the “wings” flat.
•The Hungry Hoopoes need to get “out of their nest.”
•Do this by taking the Hoopoe Bird out of the packing and remove the rubber band.
•Open the mouth of the bird and you’ll see a rubber band down the center and a clear glue dot on the inside of one of the “cheeks” of the bird.
•Use one hand to hold the bird by the tail and your other hand to and open and close the mouth of the bird, to allow the glue dot to become “less sticky.” The more the mouth of the birds is “opened and closed”, the quicker your bird will “fly.”
•Lay the Hungry Hoopoe on a table or floor, and gently press it almost flat. Then remove your hand and wait for it to pop up.