Learn more about Stay-On-Track Packs

Just because kids might not be able to physically come to Rocky Railway this summer, doesn’t mean you can’t bring Rocky Railway to them! Check out these fun and creative ways to deliver your Stay-On-Track Packs to kids this summer.


Option #1: The Wagon Train

We borrowed a red wagon from a family in the neighborhood, added some Rocky Railway Logos and fun signage and we were good to go! Super simple way to cart your Stay-On-Track Packs out for delivery!

Option #2: The Bike Train

A bike, a trailer, and crepe paper go a long way in creating this train of fun! We wrapped the trailer in red crape paper that we had on hand to make it look like a box car, added some fun to the wheels and finished it up with a caboose sign on the back! Kids’ll love seeing this “train” come down their street with a special gift just for them!

Option #3: The Drive-Thru Depot

Want your families to come to you? No problem! Create a depot in front your church and have families drive through to pick up their packs. This is a great option if you’ve gotten a head start on your decorating and want to show off all your creative work. Stagger pick-up times so that you have time to catch up with each family for a few minutes!

Train Tips!

  • Have your Crew Leaders deliver the packs to the kids in their crews. It’s a great way for them to start to build a relationship with each kid!
  • For even more Rocky Railway fun, deliver the Stay-On-Track backs dressed up like a train engineer!

By supplying surprise resources for each child, you’ll build anticipation–and make each child feel special!

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