Learn more about Stay-On-Track Packs

Fuel kids faith with Stay-On-Track Student Packs! Kids have had to forgo a lot over the past couple of months. Stay-On-Track packs are a great way to bless kids and provide them with engaging resources that they’ll use during your Rocky Railway VBS!

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • Stay-On-Track Supply Pack (each pack is enough for 10 kids)
    • We’ve pulled together the resources that we believe will have the biggest impact on kids this summer and bundled them together at a price that won’t derail your budget!
    • Elementary & Preschool Packs are available
  • Gift Bags or boxes
  • Tissue Paper to create your “daily” packs
  • Personal notecards (you can use this free Rocky Railway-inspired postcard!)
  • Any additional fun you want to add:

By supplying surprise resources for each child, you’ll build anticipation–and make each child feel special!

Resources on VBS Tools are for non-commercial use by purchasers of Group VBS programs. Please consult the permissions form on your Clip Art CD for more information.