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Do you know of a kid who should be featured?

The last couple of months have brought moments of confusion, fear, and sadness. But they’ve also been filled with unexpected blessings, like pausing to slow down and engage with people in ways we haven’t done in years. We’ve heard amazing stories of kids and families in action, doing good and kind things during quarantine and we want to celebrate those moments.

Next summer, kids’ll explore the Bible Point “God comforts you”. To show how kids can bring comfort to others, we’ll be featuring stories of kids who have done just that during quarantine in a KidVid compilation video! Do you know of a kid or family who has been a comfort to others during this time?

Here are some examples of what we’ve seen and heard:

  • Chalk drawings with positive messages
  • Encouraging signs for front line workers
  • Delivering water to first-responders
  • Yard signs
  • Creating food banks
  • Becoming pen pals with elderly in nursing homes

Here's how to submit a video (and an example!)

The “Interview”

  • Ask child/family to say their name, age and where they’re from
  • Ask child what they love about VBS.
  • Ask what they’ve been doing during the pandemic to bring comfort to others and ask them to talk about why they did it!

The Technical Stuff

  • If shooting with their phones, hold the phone horizontal, not vertical.
  • Have video settings set to the highest quality(1080 or 4K at 30 or 24fps).
  • Make sure lens is clean. No smudges, dirt, cracked glass, etc. Hold shots steady.
  • If talking to camera, it’s best if the camera/phone is set on something stable and at eye level. Hold shots for at least 10 seconds.
  • If there are pictures or video of what they have already done, it would be great to have those images too.

The Delivery

  • Once you’ve created your video, save it in the following format: Child/family name_city_state
  • Submit your video using the link below!

The Deadline

  • Please submit your video by August 5, 2020

The Legal Stuff

By submitting your video, you are granting Group Publishing, Inc., its employees and assigns, the right to use your video and other reproductions of your (or your child’s) physical likeness in connection with the exhibition (KidVid Cinema) and also in any advertising, and/or publicizing of any such motion picture without any compensation, monetary or otherwise.

By submitting your video, you hereby certify and represent that you have read the foregoing and fully understand the meaning and effect and accept this agreement as legally binding.