As your VBS comes to a close and the decorations start to come down, get a jump start on Monumental by saving these items from Rocky Railway and Treasured VBS!

From Rocky Railway:

  1. Boxes, boxes and more boxes!
  2. Carpet Tubes – These will be perfect to form the base of your cactus frames.
  3. Lumber Tunnel – Easily transform your tunnel into a Rock Arch by covering with paper or foam.
  4. Foam Rocks – Simply paint these brown and place around your cactus for a quick and easy desert floor.
  5. Green Grass Tissue Paper Mat – Save as much as you can! You’ll use these in Bible Discovery.

From Treasured:

  1. Pillars – With a little TLC, these can easily be transformed into monuments.
  2. Boxes, boxes and more boxes…again! These make great frames when creating rock structures.
  3. Cardboard – We know your VBS is filled with carboard, so why throw now what you can use later? This is the perfect material to carve into cacti and place throughout your church or main stage!
  4. Foam Rocks – Just like for Rocky, these just need a little paint to easily transform into desert rocks.
  5. Preschool Arch – A little paper and paint turns this arch into a rock formation for Monumental!

Bonus Items for Both Programs:

Save your boxes that are wrapped in the Stone Wall Plastic Backdrop from Bible Discovery because you’ll use these again in… you guessed it… Bible Discovery!

But that’s not all! Watch for these items to go on sale as summer comes and goes:

  1. White paper plate with wavy edges – These make fun and inexpensive cacti!
  2. Tissue paper – This adds unique textures to make your cactus tops.
  3. Spray paint – Anything that looks like desert or cacti colors? Grab it! You know you’ll need it.

And last but not least… keep an eye out for the following items:

  1. Large flat sheets of cardboard
  2. Styrofoam or packing material