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On Day 3 of Canyon Closing, you’ll use the Problem Pendulum to show what it means to trust that God is in charge. See how to create your Problem Pendulum in this video, Written instructions can be found on pg. 48 of your Sing & Play Celebration and Canyon Closing Leader Manual.

Alternatives for the Cactus Cutout:

  • Hand draw or trace a cactus onto poster board, foam core, or card board. Looking for a template? You can find one on page 10 of the Additional Decorating Instructions Pack.
  • Print out a cactus from the Clip Art & Resources CD.
  • Take on the cacti found in the Giant Decorating Poster Pack and spray mount onto poster board, foam core, or card board.

Resources on VBS Tools are for non-commercial use by purchasers of Group VBS programs. Please consult the permissions form on your Clip Art CD for more information.