Explore Stellar VBS

From the desert to the stars!

Check out these superstar ideas of how to transform your Monumental decorations into a gorgeous galaxy at Stellar VBS!

From your main set:

  • We know you’re sick of those brown rocks, but don’t get rid of them quite yet. Turn them into moon rocks for your main set!
  • The boxes used to create rock formations can be used to stage the Rover.
  • The carpet tube used in the Leaning Arch can be used as the pedestal feet of the Lander or to create a telescope in Preschool Space Place.

From Awesome Bible Adventures:

  • The Stone Wall Plastic wrapped blocks will be used again to help create a Bible-times setting at Stellar VBS.
  • The Black Plastic (or fabric) used for the jail and tomb can be transformed into moon scape or deep space.

General items:

  • Starry Night Plastic from KidVid Cinema will come in handy throughout Stellar VBS.
  • Blue Sky Fabric or Plastic will help set the scene in Stellar Bible Adventures.
  • Tissue Grass Mats used to create a textured Cactus can be repurposed as a pasture for sheep in Stellar Bible Adventures.
  • Transform the Bloomin’ Barrel Cactus into a planet by removing the tissue paper flower, adding rings with wired ribbon and hanging from the ceiling.
  • Sometimes VBS snack time generates recyclables that will make great components for a Gizmo wall panel for a Stellar space station. Things like foil pans, lids, and bottles.

Additional summertime items to stock up and store.

If you live in a place where pool noodles and hula hoops are only stocked in the summer, you may want to consider watching sales and clearance shelves for the following game supplies.

Pool Noodles: Real talk, can you ever have too many pool noodles?

Jump ropes: A colorful and easy way to create a line in the grass during games.

Hula hoops: Used in a hip-hopping fun game for preschoolers!

Sponge balls: Watch out, the youth group may ask to borrow these when VBS is over.

Large Sand Pails: Perfect as water buckets, economical cones (just flip them upside down) for obstacle course or boundary markers and a great way to sort crew supplies.

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