Download Decorating Instructions

Step-by-step instructions on how to create out-of-this-world decorations throughout your Stellar VBS!

Download includes a zipped file that contains step-by-step instructions and templates for the following:

  • Astronaut Alley Space Trash
  • Astronaut Alley
  • Cotton Galactic Cloud
  • Starry Galactic Cloud
  • Foam Planets
  • Gizmo Panels
  • Paper Plate Planets
  • Paper Sphere Planets – 4 Ways
  • Rocket Booster
  • Preschool Space Place Rocket
  • Simple Space Station Accessory
  • Space Station Light Box
  • Space Station Tower
  • Space Station Vent
  • Space Station Furnace Filter Window
  • Space Station Galaxy View Window
  • Stellar Scope

More of a visual person? Check out Group’s VBS Training LABs, where you can get step-by-step decorating videos, station training videos and more!