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From the Sea to Mountain Peaks!

Check out these rock-solid ideas to transform your Scuba VBS decorations into an Alaskan adventure at True North VBS!


  • Floor Canvas Drop Cloth: Just like you did for Scuba, the canvas drop cloth will be used to cover the floor for your True North Main Set.
  • Green Shelf Coral on Main Set Arch: Similar to the coral for Scuba, we created beautiful wild flowers that were placed all throughout the Main Set and church. Save the Green Shelf Coral Foam as a base to secure your wild flowers!
  • Pieces of Pool Noodles: We know those pool noodles were cut into many different shapes and sizes, but that’s okay! We just used small pieces of circles to help secure flowers onto the Crew Signs.
  • Carpet Tubes from the Main Set Arch: If you used carpet tubes to create the Main Set Arch (or anywhere else), save them all! We transformed these into wood logs that were placed along the cabin and firepit.
  • Water Light Effect Machine: For those who used a water light effect on their Main Set, see if this will work for Northern Lights! Each machine is different so the effect may work better for some than others.
  • Jellyfish Tentacles: Depending on what materials you used to make your jellyfish tenacles, this could be repurposed into wild flowers! We used crepe paper and tissue paper for our flowers.
  • Foam: If you have small foam pieces that can’t really be used for much, now they can! We used smaller pieces to create footprint templates that were then stamped all throughout the canvas drop cloth on the Main Set.


  • Foam Bases: Similar to the foam used above, save the bases of your coral creations! All you need to do is remove the coral and replace it with your wild flower creations.
  • Skewers/Wire: Those same skewers that held up your coral pieces can be the sound structure that holds up your wild flowers.


  • Did you create a boat for your main stage? Save those pieces to create a window frame to give the illusion of inside a cabin! This would work great in a hallway or preschool area.
  • Save all the White Cup Coral pieces (bean bag filler)! These will be used to make snowflakes for Imagination Station.
  • Tissue Paper Grass Mats: We use these every year and True North is no different! There were placed in Wild Bible Adventures, Sticky Scripture,  Juneau’s Puppy Playhouse and throughout hallways in the church.
  • Water Fabric Backdrop: These were used in Wild Bible Adventures to create a river.
  • Blue Sky Fabric Backdrop: We used this all throughout the church! They are great backdrops to cover walls or add extra height to other backdrops.
  • Stone Wall Boxes: You already know this was on the list! These will be used in Wild Bible Adventures again next year.
  • Crew Blankets: Another one of our “must-have” items. We use these in every station to help create a visible place for each crew to sit and gather.


There are items to be on the lookout for all throughout the year so keep your eyes peeled!

  • Christmas Trees: These were used all throughout the church! Ask your congregation to help supply these.
  • Fishing Poles: These were used as finishing touches throughout the church and Main Set. Again, your congregation would be a great place to start!
  • Hiking Poles: Like the fishing poles, these were used as added decoration to create 3-D, realistic scenes.
  • Camping Gear: Think dishes, hiking boots, tents, hammocks, camping chairs… you get the idea!
  • 5-Gallon Buckets: These become large stumps and logs that will be used throughout your Main Set… and really anywhere in your church!
  • Poster Tubes/Cardboard Tubes: With a little paper and paint, these transform into wood logs.
  • Plastic Ice Cream Buckets: Similar to the 5-gallon buckets, but instead of large stumps, they create medium-sized stumps for a little variety.
  • Twinkle Lights: We used these to create a twinkling night sky on the Main Set.
  • Newsprint/Packing Paper: The veterans know… These are what you’ll use to stuff your rocks! And you know we’re going to have LOTS of rocks so start saving scrap paper now.
  • Moving Blankets: These were used to create the walking path to the cabin on the Main Set.
  • Cardboard Corners: You know those cardboard pieces that come with large purchases to protect the corners? Save those! They’ll be used as chopped up wood pieces around a roaring fire (okay, not a real one).
  • Tissue Paper: Get all the tissue paper you can! Think purples, pinks and yellows. These will be used to create all the beautiful wild flower structures!
  • Rocking Chairs: Not only do these fit the cabin theme well, they are great to have on hand for your older volunteers.
  • Pot & Planter Chains: Save your chains from a hanging basket this summer and grab a dollar store bowl to create the campfire pot on the Main Set. 

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