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If someone told you that it was possible to pull together an in-person VBS program for hundreds, or even thousands, of kids in just 2 weeks, would you believe them? Probably not! All that decorating and organizing and managing registration really adds up. Not to mention training all the volunteers. Well, that impossibility is now a reality with Online/At-Home VBS. One of the unexpected benefits VBS Directors have found in this season is that they can pull their programs together in less time and actually reach more kids!

Take a look at the timeline below to see how you can launch your VBS program in 2 weeks and be sure to check out the tips below for more ways to save time!

Tips & Tricks

If you’re planning to pull your online VBS together quickly, here are a few resources and ideas to help you out.

  • Modified VBS Guides: We’ve done the work and created the modifications so all you have to do is apply them to Station Manuals found in your Starter Kit.
  • Set up a registration site, like VBS Pro, so families can easily sign up and get details about VBS.
  • If you’re doing Rocky Railway, you can use the Imagination Station videos that we developed for you to save time in filming and production.
  • If you’re creating Stay-On-Track Student Packs, you can get everything you need in the Stay-On-Track Supply Pack with a click of a button!
  • If you’ve never created a video, reach out to your congregation to see if there is someone with video editing skills that can help you.
  • Share the Presenting 101 tips videos with anyone who’ll be on camera and give them time to practice.

Need help brainstorming? Reach out to us at Partnering with YOU to bring VBS to kids, in whatever format, is our favorite thing to do!