Download Decorating Places Written Instructions (PDF)
Scuba Main Set

Scuba VBS captivates kids with vibrant colors, beautiful corral reef, and awe-inspiring sea life!  You can effortlessly transform your church into a gorgeous underwater adventure with easy-to-find items like pools noodles, coffee filters, foam peanuts, bottle caps, cardboard and canvas cloth.

DIVE IN to the videos for easy instructions for how to create amazing set pieces!

Not a big DIYer? No worries! You can still create a BIG WOW with the easy-to-assemble 3D Scuba Display and the Giant Decorating Poster Pack!

Prefer written instructions? We’ve got you covered. Download the full packet of Decorating Places instructions with one click!
(Instructions have been revised and updated 03/20/2024)

Resources on VBS Tools are for non-commercial use by purchasers of Group VBS programs. Please consult the permissions form on your Clip Art CD for more information.

Bottle Cap Coral

These bottle cap corals let you decorate and recycle for VBS! Plus they will make your Scuba main stage pop with colorful accents.

Brain Coral 

These brain corals are a fun and unique shape to add to your colorful coral reef.

Arch and Coral Bases

Bring your coral reef to life with a wonderful coral arch and base. See how the arch and coral bases are constructed for the main Scuba VBS set.

Cup Coral

Give your coral reef a dazzling splash of color with these cup coral decorations. See how to construct colorful cup coral for your Scuba VBS set.


No coral reef would be complete without a little sea life! Learn how to assemble some jellyfish friends that will hang around and bring your reef to life!

Paper Sea Anemones

These little sea friends will add even more color and detail to your set. Check out this tutorial on how to construct paper sea anemones for Scuba VBS.

Pool Noodle Barnacles

See how easy it is to create pool noodle barnacles for Scuba VBS.

Main Set | Final Build

See how all the decorating pieces come together for the main set of Scuba VBS.

Spiky Coral

See how these spiky corals are built for Scuba VBS.

Sunken Ship
Dive into coral reef adventures with our sunken ship decoration. Watch it transform your ocean coral reef set!

Table Coral

Add depth and dimension to your coral reef scene, inspiring exploration and imaginative play. Discover the secrets of crafting these realistic underwater accents in this easy-to-follow tutorial.

Tube Sponges
Learn how to craft these totally tubular sponges that are easy and fun to make and help spark everyones imagination.