Put the “sea” in Christmas season with Scuba Christmas! With this one-of-a-kind Christmas program, you’ll need minimal supplies, prep-time and volunteers to put on a great show. So, to help you get started, we’ve put together a complete list of items we used to deck the halls and set the stage…And the best part? Many of these items are from Scuba VBS! If you have extras, be sure to save them for a few months longer.

Scuba VBS Coral Reef Fabric Wall Hanging creates a undersea world for Scuba Christmas. Set up this easy-to-install 20 ft. x 9 ft. backdrop on your church’s stage for kids to stand in front of.


Beach Plastic Backdrop puts the finishing touches on your tables as a Scuba-tastic table cover.


Water Fabric will help set the main stage as the skirt for your Christmas tree!


Undersea Plastic Backdrop is a universal decorating piece for Scuba Christmas! Use it to cover extra walls, hallways or even as a table cover.


Gleam ‘N Curtain is a great way to immediately set the stage for celebrating by hanging from your entryway as families enter.


Under Sea Ceiling Whirls will have kids bubbling with excitement as these hang from your ceilings, hallways or even the main stage tree!


Spaghetti Confetti ends your show with a wave of color that no one will forget! (Unused)


Bible Memory Buddies make great gifts! Give them to each child in the show!


Bible Memory Buddy Packs help kids keep their Bible Memory Buddies safe and sound.


Scuba VBS Music Video Take-home Streaming Cards are another great gift idea for families who attend Scuba Christmas. Each card has a unique code that allows kids and families to unlock Scuba music videos and more on the allnew Lifetree App. Quantity discounts available.


Scuba VBS Paper Boxes make the perfect containers for family followup fun!

Plus youll need a few props including a Christmas tree, fake plant (or flower), a hide-a-key fake rock, a plastic fruit, a few whistles or jingle bells, shiny curling ribbon, and metal sand pails. 

While we’ve purposely designed this to be minimal prep and decorations, you can go bigger if you’d like! Truth be told, any decorations you’ve created for Scuba VBS could be repurposed and used again at Scuba Christmas! Keep it simple or go as big as the ocean… the opportunities are endless!