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From the Stars to the Sea!

Check out these fin-tastic ideas of how to transform your Stellar decorations into oceans of fun at Scuba VBS!


  • Turn those moon craters into ocean craters! We used the swimming pools in the exact same way we did for Stellar — under the tarp to create dimension and realism.
  • The tarp used for the moon’s surface can be used to either become the ocean floor or painted blue to cover the cardboard boxes that form the cave.
  • The Stellar spaceship can be transformed into a small submarine to be used anywhere in the church!
  • The comet cellophane can be cut up and transformed into tentacles for the hanging jellyfish.


  • Collect all your inflatable planets, paper planets and lantern planets to create fish, octopus, jellyfish, bubbles…the depths of the ocean are the limits!
  • The “Great Stuff” planets can either be transformed into ocean life, bubbles, or broken up and used as the barnacles on the main stage’s sunken ship.


  • Don’t throw your spaceship windows! They can easily be transformed into a submarine’s portal windows.
  • Those rocks you’ve been transforming for years? Add another one! The space rocks can become ocean rocks or the base for your coral structures.
  • Tissue Grass Mats used as pasture for sheep in Stellar Bible Adventures can be used on the ocean floor on the main set or anywhere throughout your church.
  • Transform your rockets into submarines! A little paint and adding a periscope will go a long way.
  • All the random gadgets and gizmos you used to create control boards? Use those pieces to create different types of coral throughout your main set and church. If you used bowls or tins, those can become the tops of jellyfish, window portals, scuba googles, and more.
  • The Blue Sky Fabric Backdrop is perfect to hang on the walls for a bright ocean wall or used in Deep Bible Adventures.


If you live in a place where pool noodles and hula hoops are only stocked in the summer, you may want to consider watching sales and clearance shelves for the following supplies.

Pool Noodles: Real talk, can you ever have too many pool noodles? From games to decorations, we used them all over SCUBA! So grab as many as you can get your hands on.

Jump ropes: A colorful and easy way to create a line in the grass during games.

Hula hoops: Used in a hip-hopping fun game for preschoolers and elementary!

Sponge balls: Watch out, the youth group may ask to borrow these when VBS is over.

Large Sand Pails: Perfect as water buckets, economical cones (just flip them upside down) for obstacle course or boundary markers and a great way to sort crew supplies.

Beach Balls and Beach Towels: These are used in a game for elementary — one of their favorites!

Bottle Caps: Start collecting these now! We used them all throughout to create fun coral structures.

Boxes: What are boxes not used for? They became the main arch, our sunken ship, base for coral structures and stone walls in Deep Bible Adventures.

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Scuba VBS Ultimate Starter Kits

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